Over seven months, the 650 workers building DTEK’s US$450 million Tyligulska wind farm in southern Ukraine often had to dive into underground bomb shelters as Russian missiles and drones attacked nearby. By mid-March, the first stage of Ukraine’s newest renewable energy project – 19 turbines with a capacity of 114 megawatts – was completed and the turbines began to generate electricity a few weeks later. The project, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, will take the capacity to 500 megawatts when completed in 2024. Before the war, Ukraine exported electricity to Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland and recently resumed those sales as it rebuilt its transmission lines and power plants damaged by Russia. Ukraine’s pre-war goal was to raise the share of electricity from renewables to 25% by 2035. Completing the wind farm tells the European Union that Ukraine is determined to become a green-energy export power.

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