The Animal Food Bank Support UK, a Facebook organization, is changing lives by supplying free pet food to those in need. Pete Dolan, a grateful cat owner, praises the group as "Angels without wings" for their invaluable assistance. Anita Arthur, the founder of Animal Food Bank Support UK, leads a network of over 160 pet food banks across the UK, run by volunteers and sustained by donations. With the number of pet owners increasing during the pandemic, the high cost of living poses challenges for many. Some resort to cheaper pet food or feeding leftovers, while 42 percent struggle to cover pet care expenses due to the economic crisis. Helen MacAffer, co-founder of the Isle of Man's Pet Food Pantry, recognizes the impact of pet ownership on mental health and provides support to families in need. Blue Cross has also launched a nationwide response, offering assistance through various channels, including pet food contributions and behavioral treatments. Animal welfare activist Dominic Dyer urges government involvement, proposing solutions such as integrating pet food sections into food banks and reducing VAT on pet food. In the face of the cost-of-living crisis, volunteers and compassionate strangers come together to ensure that pets remain with their owners. Thanks to the support of Animal Food Bank Support UK and similar initiatives, beloved pets like Frankie and Charlie can stay happy and well-fed in their loving homes.

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