Having learned a great deal about motherhood from other women in her life, Amanda Ahlenius decided to share nuggets of wisdom on TikTok to help other mothers in their own journey. Shortly after, she asked other TikTok users to share what the women in their lives have taught them. Women from around the world responded and contributed numerous tips and tricks ranging from using the dollar bill as a ruler to getting tomato paste out of the can without needing to scrape it out. Ahlenius collected these “life hacks” and published them in a book titled, “Grandma Knows Everything.” A Facebook group has also been created to continue these dialogues, which acknowledge the contribution of women and empower them. “As young girls we’re taught to compare and compete,” Ahlenius writes in the Facebook group’s description. “It’s not until we’re older and wiser that we realize we have a lot to give each other, starting with the things our grandmas once taught us.”

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