Best friends forever: Dogs leap over shelter wall for a heartwarming reunion and get adopted together. Brenda and Linda, two adorable pit bulls, captured the hearts of many when Brenda jumped over a wall at a Minnesota animal shelter to reunite with her best friend. The moment went viral just in time for National Best Friends Day.  After being dropped off at the Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shelter, Brenda and Linda, aged 4 and 7 respectively, were initially kept in separate kennels. However, Brenda's determination to be with her BFF led her to climb over the dividing wall, prompting a joyous reunion. Volunteers at the shelter were initially surprised but delighted by the unexpected turn of events. The heartwarming clip of Brenda's leap of love was shared online, quickly gaining the attention of a woman who recently lost her own dog and felt an instant connection with the inseparable duo. In a twist of fate, Brenda and Linda found their forever home together with the woman who couldn't resist their bond. Their adoption was announced as a successful "Mission Impawsible." Now, these canine besties will continue their joyful journey in Minneapolis, bringing love and happiness to their new family. This unlikely tale of friendship and loyalty reminds us of the incredible bonds animals can form and the joy they bring into our lives.

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