A legendary Silicon Valley tech leader who bought a vast ranch in California’s Carmel Valley 40 years ago is selling the property to a conservation group to become a new public preserve and cultural site. The Rana Creek Ranch, a working cattle ranch for about 200 years, is about half the size of San Francisco. Mike Markkula, an engineer who became Apple’s third employee, will sell the land to the Wildlands Conservancy for $35 million. The conservancy plans to open the property to the public for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding, and operate a regional conference center for environmental groups and education center for children. The Esselen Tribe, which was removed from its lands in the late 1700s, plans to purchase about 1,800 acres of the land from the Wildlands Conservancy. Tribal members will work with the conservancy to manage the wider landscape and plan to recreate their original village, Cappany.

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