There is an easy way to feel better about yourself and about the planet: become a citizen scientist! New research has found that participating in citizen science projects not only benefits the environment but also enhances participants' well-being and connection to nature. The study, conducted in the United Kingdom, involved 500 participants who were assigned different activities to connect with nature. The researchers discovered that all volunteers experienced increased well-being and a stronger sense of connection to nature after completing their tasks. Activities included overseeing a butterfly survey, taking a survey of pollinating insects, noticing three positive aspects of nature, or a combination of these activities. Citizen science involves engaging everyday citizens in the scientific process, allowing them to contribute to research conducted by government agencies. Many of these projects take place in natural settings, such as national parks or remote locations like Antarctica. The study's findings demonstrate the value of nature-based citizen science in fostering a deeper human-nature relationship and promoting well-being. The researchers suggest that incorporating additional nature-noticing activities in future projects can further enhance participants' connection to nature while gathering valuable data. This study provides insights into improving citizen science initiatives to make them more engaging and beneficial for both participants and researchers alike.

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