Kelly Mason was walking her dog, Daisy, in a park in Moundsville, W. Va. when the Labrador retriever ran off, returning with a brightly colored disc. That was just the beginning of her obsession with finding errant discs from Frisbee golf. When Daisy’s collection reached 143, a friend gave Kelly an idea: Sell the discs as a fundraiser. If a disc had a name on it, they’d give the person an opportunity to come and pick it up, with an option of also making a donation to the Marshall County Animal Rescue League. Discs without names would be sold, with proceeds going to a park fund to help maintain Grand Vue’s disc golf courses and buy new equipment as needed. “This is all in the early stages, but I think Daisy’s Discs is going to be a fun success,” says Ben Bolock, the park’s assistant general manager. “People are really excited about it. There’s no telling how many discs might still be lost out there, and Daisy just might find them.”

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