In Carlisle, Cumbria, there is a unique boutique that operates on a kindness-based model to support local charities called The Kinder Shop. Instead of traditional prices, all the goods in the shop are labeled with the number of volunteer hours they are worth at nearby charities. The shop was made possible through the Kinder Cumbria campaign by the Cumberland Building Society, which aims to promote kindness and understanding in the community. Various charities and community groups participated in the initiative, and the response from the public was overwhelming, with 1,143 hours pledged to help local charities in just one day. The Kinder Shop has successfully connected people with volunteer opportunities and encouraged them to contribute to their community in meaningful ways. It has also inspired other businesses and communities to adopt similar kindness-based initiatives, further spreading the concept across the UK. Pop-ups in other towns have opened, raising hours for local charities, and more events are planned for the future.

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