Community Hubs is a program created to help struggling families succeed in Denver, Colorado, US. These community hubs are made up of six resource centers spread across all of the city’s school districts. They support families in various ways, such as offering childcare, food and many classes. These include English as a Second Language (ESL), financial literacy and citizenship test prep. The program has been a game changer for many immigrant families. “Community hubs was launched in November 2022, and since then, some of our hubs have already supported over 1000 families. The program’s first graduating class had 28 women, all mothers, aged 30-40. It’s the first graduating class in the history of the district [that’s made up of] parents,” said Esmeralda de la Olvia, director of the community hubs. The women endured significant challenges and persevered in order to graduate. “There were single moms, taking care of five or six children, working two jobs, who had many other things going on,” she said. This made for a very emotional graduation ceremony, with these superhero mamas proudly walking across the stage.

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