Salma Bougarrani’s GREEN WATECH company, which specializes in using energy efficient techniques to clean wastewater, started off as a childhood dream. She wanted to safely swim in the river that ran through her grandfather's village, Ait Bouguemez, in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Many kids got sick with fever and diarrhea after drinking the water while swimming. Green Watech has installed low-tech water treatment systems in 22 Moroccan villages since 2018, helping villagers make better use of limited supplies. Over half of its employees, including all the engineers, are women. Basima Abdulrahman launched KESK, which provides solar powered air conditioning units in Iraq, after quitting her job as a structural engineer with the United Nations. Despite growing demand for such equipment in a country with strong solar power potential, Abdulrahman said it had took nine months to land her first client.

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