It's something most of us have thought of doing at some point, but never thought possible: Matt and Leah Prior quit their jobs, sold everything and, on July 15, 2023, set off on a round-the-world overland journey with their two children: Jack, 3, and Charlotte, 1. Calling their adventure “Project Wild Earth,” they plan to raise awareness about conservation efforts through storytelling on their website and social media accounts. They were inspired by conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall’s belief that stories can get people to change from within. They will travel through over 100 countries over the next five years, stopping at national parks and protected areas to support social and environmental initiatives. By including their children in the journey and conservation work, the Priors will be exposing them to different ecosystems, wildlife, restoration and regenerative farming practices. They hope this project may lead some to reassess their consumption habits and prompt others toward positive and meaningful shifts in their lives, whether that’s a career change, starting their own projects or volunteering with conservation organizations. “It’s probably not the most sensible decision career or finance-wise, but it felt right.”

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