Six years ago, Belgian photographer Barbara Iweins decided to photograph every item she owned. The project took 4 years and 12,795 photos to complete; her work is on exhibit at the Cortona on the Move Photography festival in Tuscany. She decided to do the project after a divorce and having to move house for the 11th time. “I was exhausted to have all these objects to pack once again. I really wanted to see what it was like -- a houseful of objects.” The result is an extraordinary inventory of the commonplace, the personal, the irreplaceable, and the intimate. No object was too mundane for inclusion. At the end of the project, she realized that “only 1% of these objects are important: 99% I could get rid of.” At the beginning of the process, she says, “I thought it was about overconsumption. And actually, I realized it was more a project about myself.”

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