The F.A.R.M. Cafe in Boone, North Carolina, was founded by Renee Boughman and a community team in 2012 to address food insecurity in the growing town. As the population and the Appalachian State University expanded, affordability became a challenge for many residents, leading to an increasing number of people struggling with poverty. The cafe, standing for Feed All Regardless of Means, offers meals to anyone who walks through its doors, providing nourishing food and a sense of dignity. The menu features various dishes, and customers are encouraged to pay what they can afford or volunteer if possible. The cafe has become a gathering place where people from different backgrounds and circumstances share meals and stories, creating a sense of community. F.A.R.M. Cafe's success is attributed to the involvement of volunteers and the implementation of the Full Circle initiative, a food recovery and redistribution program that reduces food waste and provides meals to those in need.

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