Like other residents of Abuja, Nigeria, Rebecca Bulus used to dispose of solid waste at a dump site. But since learning about Ecobarter, she brings recyclables to its drop-off locations, adding 2,000 naira ($5 USD) to her monthly income of N25,000 ($64). Through an integrated website and mobile app, users get points for the weight of the waste they collect. The points are converted to monetary value which can be deposited into a bank account, transferred to friends or family, or used at a physical Ecobarter marketplace to buy eco-friendly household items or basic health insurance services. Ecocykle recently launched its Smart Mobile Bin, a two-wheeled waste collection cart that is pushed by hand, and is working on an eco-friendly toilet project, which uses plastic waste to construct bathroom facilities in rural schools. The "Stare Down on Pollution" campaign run by SustyVibes involves visiting various communities to educate local residents in their native languages about the impacts of negative waste habits.

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