Acts of kindness don't just happen on Random Acts of Kindness Day! In a recent global study, researchers found that more people than originally thought participate in acts of kindness to help their fellow human being. According to a press release by UCLA, when opportunities arise, people will 'answer the call' when others require aid or assistance. UCLA sociologist Giovanni Rossi and a team of collaborators from universities in Australia, Ecuador, Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.K. discovered people will demonstrate their generosity in small micro-moments, by opening the door for others, passing the utensil and though a variety of other "low stake assistance" requests. The global study reported that when asked to help, people did so without requiring an explanation from the person in need. And if for some reason a person did decline a request for assistance, 74% of those provided an explanation as to why they couldn't be of support. Research concludes that helpfulness is ingrained in human beings around the world. One can't help but feel hopeful about the future with findings such as these!

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