Artist Donna Savastio started a small rug as a gift for her sister and had spent more than 100 hours cutting wool strips and pulling them through a canvas to make thousands of tiny, tight loops. But when she couldn't finish the last few rows, due to symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, her husband put it away. Then, through Loose Ends, which matches volunteer crafters with projects left unfinished when a person dies or becomes disabled, Jan Rohwetter volunteered to finish the rug. She had lost both parents recently, her mom after dementia. Jan asked Donna if there was a scrap of fabric she could loop in to show the transition. They found a silky scarf with tassels and Jan took a few, along with the rug, extra wool and edging tape. A month later, she brought the finished rug. The three silvery tassels marked where her hands took over. "Every loop was with love and thinking of you and my mom," Jan said. Since knitters Masey Kaplan and Jen Simonic launched Loose Ends 10 months ago, it has matched more than 600 projects with crafters who can complete them.

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