Seven major automakers are joining forces to build a North American electric vehicle charging network that will nearly double the number of fast-charging plugs in the US and Canada. General Motors, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, and Stellantis will build “high power” charging stations with 30,000 plugs in convenient locations in urban areas and along travel corridors, using renewable energy as much as possible. There are currently just under 8,700 direct-current, fast-charging stations in the US and Canada with nearly 36,000 charging plugs. Fast chargers can get a battery to 80% of capacity in 20 minutes to one hour. The new network, which will be open to all EV owners, will have connectors for both Tesla’s North American Charging Standard plugs and the Combined Charging System plugs used by other automakers. Tesla’s network, with the largest number of fast chargers in North America, has 2,050 stations and more than 22,000 plugs in the US and Canada.

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