Tom Hutchings doesn't remember anything about July 18. All he knows is that he is alive today thanks to an unknown Good Samaritan; and he and his wife Lynn, a senator in the Wyoming legislature, want to say thanks. They were returning separately to Cheyenne from Fort Collins when Tom had a heart attack and his Highlander veered into the median. Someone helped pull Tom from the vehicle and performed CPR. Tom's recovery in hospital was miraculous and within 24 hours of the accident, he was ordering salmon for dinner. No one can recall what the Good Samaritan looked like and the paramedics didn't get the name of the person who had been doing CPR. Lynn recently told the story to a friend, who thanked her for the reminder that "we need to start spending more time with our families, appreciating them, and loving on them. Because in a heartbeat, they could be gone."

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