Rachel Nafis cut the blush-colored corncockles in her neighbor's yard and then smiled as Tom Weaver wheeled himself onto the porch. "It's so wonderful to see flowers growing outside my window," he said. For three years, Nafis has grown sunflowers, dahlias and corncockles outside his home. "All of my gardens are in places where people cannot care for their yards the way they would like," said Nafis, 36. "The model I have created is very relational-based. Every house is different based on my relationships with my neighbors." Shortly before Weaver's brother, Don, died in 2021, the family moved his hospital bed to the window so that he could watch Nafis at work. She thinks her Psalter Farm Flowers business model resonates with her clients because they care about the environment. "She has made such an impact on the neighborhood," one neighbor said."Yes, she's a florist," she said. "But it's about a lot more than just flowers."

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