Opera houses are increasingly focused on operating sustainability, aided by the Theater Green Book. The historic East Sussex opera house Glyndebourne, which draws thousands of opera lovers each summer, has been working towards greater sustainability since 2012, when it installed a wind turbine that has generated 102% of its electricity in the past decade. In 2021, it joined the global Race to Zero. Waste goes to an incinerator, which helps power local homes. Garden waste is composted; the turbine charges 32 electric vehicle charging points for visitors; and dye for costumes comes from plants grown in their gardens. Soon all water will come from its own natural spring. Elsewhere, the rooftop of the Opéra Bastille hosts an urban farm. The Sydney Opera House, which achieved carbon neutrality in 2018, has installed an artificial reef along its sea wall. And Leeds' Opera North will launch its first "green season", using shared set design across three productions and recycled or second-hand costumes.

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