Picking up a pencil or charcoal and drawing mindfully offers a respite from the relentless digital drain. In the UK, some can experience art therapy via the NHS. When artist Emily Haworth-Booth became ill with ME, she was unable to work but found mindful drawing "noticeably reduced my anxiety, and slowed down my breathing". After a drawing session she felt the relief she experienced after a yoga class or psychotherapy session. Claire Gilman, chief curator at the Drawing Center in New York, saw a passion for drawing surge in lockdown. “A life drawing class, especially, forces you to look at the world -- one not mediated through a screen -- and translate that". Artist John Hewitt, an artist and teacher at the Royal College of Art, has posted a drawing almost every day on Instagram since 2013. His lively images of animals and life in the South Pennines are often drawn on the hoof in Moleskin pocket sketchbooks with a 0.5 Pilot gel pen.

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