In San Antonio, Texas, US, a one-of-a-kind theme park has welcomed visitors from all 50 states and across the globe; people flock to Morgan’s Wonderland because it’s a fully accessible space designed for people with special needs. It all began with one dad who wanted to make his daughter happy. Morgan Hartman, now 30, was born with cognitive and physical disabilities and would eventually be diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. On a family vacation years ago, Morgan’s father noticed her being excluded by a group of children she was trying to play with at a hotel swimming pool. Like any good father who sees his child being hurt, he set out to fix the problem – and in a big way. A philanthropist and former house builder, he resolved to create a space where everyone felt welcome: those with disabilities and those without. Four years later, Morgan’s Wonderland, a nonprofit theme park, opened to the world. It is “Ultra-Accessible,” meaning all visitors have the same opportunity to participate and be included. Not only is admission free to anyone with a disability, the park works with another nonprofit, Project Angel Fares, to help children with special needs and their families afford a trip to Morgan’s Wonderland.

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