Dads now make up 18% of stay-at-home parents, 7% higher than in 1989, says a new Pew Research Center analysis. In 2021, there were 11.3 million stay-at-home parents — 9.2 million moms and 2.1 million dads. Comparatively, in 1989 there were about 9.2 million stay-at-home moms and 1.1 million stay-at-home dads. In 2021, 79% of stay-at-home mothers said they chose to do so in order to take care of the home or family. Another 9% were ill or disabled, and the others were students, retired or unable to find work. Stay-at-home dads had more varied reasons for not working outside the home. In 2021, 23% were caring for the home or family, 34% were ill or disabled, 13% were retired, 13% could not find work outside the home, and 8% were going to school.

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