Presenting an engaging article from, diving into the world of positivity, mental health, and therapy. Alene Dawson touches upon the concept introduced by psychologist Abraham Maslow -- "The science of psychology has been far more successful on the negative than on the positive side". The article questions whether conventional mental healthcare approaches, which focus largely on alleviating symptoms, are enough. Could we aim higher to develop resilience, strengthen character traits, and focus on long-term wellness? Is there a balance between confronting our problems and nurturing our strengths and virtues? This piece explores the field of Positive Psychology and how it's being integrated into mental healthcare, challenging the conventional tools of therapy. Discover a fresh perspective and an approach that believes in building a more rounded individual, not restricted to being just a patient, but developing as personalities with virtues and strengths. As quoted from the article, "Virtues are not like a microwavable dinner." They require intent, perseverance, and time to cultivate.

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