A simple hello can do more for your wellbeing than you think! According to a recent poll from the Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index, American adults who regularly greet multiple neighbors have a higher wellbeing score. But here's the catch: the increases in wellbeing cap at greeting about six neighbors, with no notable change for additional interactions. Interestingly, not only does this amicable habit affect a person's overall wellbeing, it also highlights a common pattern across all five domains: social, community, career, physical, and financial wellbeing. But don't feel you have to move to the countryside -- even urban dwellers benefit from an 'hi' exchanged on the street. As the article points out, 'social wellbeing, to which greeting neighbors is certainly related, has been linked to faster healing, reduced stress and better engagement at work.' So perhaps it's time to reconsider those noise-cancellling headphones on your daily walk, and opt for a friendly, neighborly hello instead!

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