While incurable, early detection and treatment of Parkinson's disease could help patients live a long and productive life. UK researchers have identified an AI-based solution that can detect PD in patients seven years before the current diagnostic methods by identifying markers for the disease in human eyes. While more research is needed, the technique could emerge as a fast, scalable, and non-invasive way to diagnose diseases. "This work demonstrates the potential for eye data, harnessed by the technology to pick up signs and changes too subtle for humans to see," said Alistair Denniston, consultant opthalmologist at the University of Birmingham. "Finding signs of a number of diseases before symptoms emerge means that, in the future, people could have the time to make lifestyle changes to prevent some conditions arising, and clinicians could delay the onset and impact of lifechanging neurodegenerative disorders," said Dr. Siegfried Wagner, an eye specialist at University College London.

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