Cape Cod, US, sees more live mass strandings of dolphins than anywhere else in the world. The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s new Dolphin Rescue Center on Cape Cod is a first-of-its-kind rehabilitation facility for stranded dolphins and porpoises, seeking to improve post-release survival by providing short-term intensive care. In the last five years, IFAW staff have responded to more than 400 live stranded dolphins, whales, and porpoises. The Dolphin Rescue Center will be ready to provide care within 15 minutes of a stranding event. Stranded animals will be accommodated for up to four days in the facility. The center will initially handle one patient at a time, eventually expanding to more, with a current plan to take in up to 12 patients per year. The Dolphin Rescue Center is made possible by donors including the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital, and the prestigious Prescott Grant program.

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