A pair of ospreys has successfully bred in Ireland for the first time in 200 years, producing two and possibly three chicks, says Ulster Wildlife. Giles Knight, an environmental farming scheme advisor with the conservation organization, has been observing the pair since they arrived at the site in County Fermanagh in 2021. "With at least two of the chicks fledging this season, this is a huge conservation success story and indicates a healthy wetland ecosystem with plenty of suitable habitat and fish to bring this apex predator back to our skies and plunging into the Fermanagh Lakelands." In Ireland, ospreys are thought to have been driven to local extinction around the late 18th century. Ireland's National Parks and Wildlife Service moved forward this summer with its osprey reintroduction program, which will relocate 50 to 70 chicks from Norway over a five-year period. However, the new breeding pair of ospreys returned by themselves.

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