Shanghai has started piloting a countrywide beverage health alert system to combat health problems related to excessive sugar intake. Over the past two weeks, 159 brick-and-mortar retailers have begun displaying color-coded warning signs on beverage shelves. Customers shopping in sections with a green label are reminded to read the beverage’s nutrition label before purchasing; orange labels warn customers to limit their added sugar intake; and red labels warn of the negative health impacts of sugary drinks. The Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control & Prevention introduced the system in mid-August. Singapore introduced a strict nutrition grading system last December, triggering calls in China for similar systems. The southern city of Shenzhen also rolled out similar alerts in late 2020. While China saw 46,633 deaths related to sugary beverages in 2019 -- almost double the number in 1990, the average per capita daily sugar intake in China is much lower than other major countries.

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