Scout was a stray mutt staying at the Antrim County Animal Shelter in Bellaire, Mich., when he began sneaking out to Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility across the street. “He was pretty relentless in his pursuit to be here,” said clinical care coordinator Stephanie Elsey. Since 2017, Scout has been living there full-time as a resident pet, and in February, residents voted to crown Scout "Resident of the Month.” Earlier this year, staff launched a fundraising initiative called “Scout’s House Paws for the Pantry” to raise money for the animal shelter that rescued Scout. It went viral and they received donations from all over the world. Scout’s story was also recently told in the Detroit Free Press, which drew in more donations. ”After being abused and abandoned, Scout now knows what it’s like to truly feel loved. And in return, he gives love — in abundance — to those who could use it most.“We couldn’t imagine this place without him,” Elsey said.

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