Forty dogs and cats that were already in Maui shelters before the wildfires broke out have been shipped to the Bay Area in a coordinated effort by Berkeley Humane. "What we did was help clear the shelters in Maui, so that animals displaced by the fires can have a place to go while their owners look for them and hopefully they can be reunited," said Susan Lee Vick, CEO of the Animal Rescue Foundation. Vick says for her, it's personal, after growing up in Santa Rosa. "Catastrophic wildfires ravaged our communities twice and I know what that feels like, I know the absolute heartbreak and confusion." Marin Humane, East Bay SPCA, the Alameda Animal Shelter and the Tri-City Animal Shelter also stepped up with Berkeley Humane and ARF to take in as many dogs as they had room for. "Animal welfare in general, we're all family, Ohana as the Hawaiians call it, and we wanted to help them out with being overwhelmed with animals in need," said Kelly Miott, Manager of the Tri-City Animal Shelter.

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