Get ready NYC students, mindfulness is making its way into the classrooms this Fall! "Breathe in through your nose, and breathe out with a whisper," says Third-grader Noah Hill about the "ocean breathing" technique which he's learned. In a bold move to bolster mental health, all public schools in New York City are introducing 2-5 minutes of daily mindful breathing, a proven strategy for stress relief. In response to a rise in mental health issues among children, such initiatives are taking center stage in schools around the world. Notable research, such as the work by Erica Sibinga, a pediatrics professor, highlights the positive impact of mindfulness on children, especially those dealing with trauma and extreme stress. This is more than just trendy, it's about equipping young individuals with essential coping mechanisms to navigate life's complexities. Heads up though, it's not just about the students. Teachers too are embracing these practices for their own wellbeing. So breathe easy, change is in the air!

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