Nima Ahmadi remembers an uncle in Iran who had lost two limbs because he hadn’t received proper wound care. Since 2021, when he and Stanford classmate Sanford Roberts started the Wound Company, they have been addressing a gap that has plagued wound care, even in the US -- the need for continuing support after a patient leaves hospital. In the US alone, around 8 million people suffer from wounds and an estimated $96 billion is spent on wound care a year. The Wound Company works with health plans, clinicians, hospices, and home care providers to provide wound care expertise virtually and in-person. To date, The Wound Company has worked with over 1,000 patients and about 60% of patients have demonstrated progressive healing on a week-by-week basis and 75% with chronic wounds have not needed to visit the emergency room. “Wound care can be complicated even for those of us who have been doing it for years,” says Roberts. “We’re hoping to cut through all of that complication.”

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