Revolution is flowing in Paris. A water revolution, that is. The city, known world-over for its romantic canals and historic waterways, is transforming its approach to water management -- aiming to maximize value from every drop. Free public fountains line the banks of the popular Canal Saint-Martin, dispensing both still and sparkling water purified via reverse osmosis. Efforts to promote sustainable water management began in 2009 with the nationalization of Paris' public water service, "Eau de Paris". Preventive measures to address pollution at its source, advanced leakage detection systems, and rejuvenation of public fountains are all part of the city's strategy. Amidst it all, Dan Lert, the deputy mayor of Paris, says, "Water is such an important resource. But the unprecedented climate change in Paris and France means it's the end of the abundance of water. So we have to do everything we can to use this resource as best we can."

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