Imagine escaping a war-torn nation and landing in a completely foreign environment where both the culture and language are unfamiliar. This is the reality that Orhan Veli, once a refugee himself, and his Ukrainian-born wife, Anastasiya Veli, are quite intimate with. Now, living comfortably in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, thanks to their thriving Saladworks business, the couple is on a mission to provide a new beginning for Ukrainian refugees. Driven by personal experiences and a deep understanding of the refugee journey, they've already saved eleven lives, including Anastasiya's niece and a single mother. They went far beyond providing a safe haven, helping the refugees integrate into American society by securing jobs, starting bank accounts, and even obtaining driver's licenses. Orhan says, "Having walked in those shoes, it made perfect sense to want to give somebody else those opportunities too." We say, it's an awe-inspiring ripple effect of kindness flourishing in the face of adversity.

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