Three decades ago, Ronnie and Terry Urbanczyk fell in love with the 245-acre Honey Creek Ranch in the wooded grasslands of western Comal County, Texas, and moved their family of five away from the bustle of San Antonio. Over the next 30 years, they grew the ranch to 750 acres. They had planned to build a large subdivision on their land that could have earned them $125 million, but in June, they accepted an offer from the state of Texas to buy 515 acres of the ranch for $25 million. "We've had a lot of fantastic memories out there and now the people in Texas are gonna get to really enjoy it for the next thousand years," says Ronnie."This acquisition is a wonderful example of what we can achieve through public-private partnerships and conservation-minded landowners who want to help preserve the last, best places in Texas for future generations," says David Yoskowitz of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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