From a former fisherman who was in the cruel business of turtle hunting for festivals, to becoming the captain of a conservation boat and starting a turtle preservation family, Cosme Becerra's journey is one that inspires admiration and respect. The 'Kino Bay Turtle Group', sustained largely by the Becerra family, has saved and collected data on over 800 sea turtles. Fast-forwarding to today, they juggle sustainable fishing with conservation efforts, educating younger generations about the importance of turtles and our role in saving them. As Cosme said, "Now we are trying to flip the coin over and -- with our work -- thank these species". Their drive has also led them to groom the next generation, training a team of Indigenous youth to establish their own turtle group. As fishers and caretakers, they serve as a beacon of hope for the turtles and the marine ecology at large.

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