Wake Robin Fermented Foods is at the leading edge of a larger vision to establish a community-owned supply chain in East Cleveland, one of Ohio's poorest cities. It was the first purchase by Loiter, which was co-founded in 2021 by Ismail Samad with the goal of building an intentionally regenerative and circular economy. Wake was Loiter's first purchase, in partnership with the nonprofit Food Depot to Health, to ensure predictable revenue streams to East Cleveland urban farmers. Working with the Chocolate Rebellion, which supports ethically sourced chocolate from black cocoa farmers around the world, Loiter has broken ground on a craft chocolate production center. "I want to be able to say that we own the narrative, while owning assets, while owning businesses that will be the future anchors of a city-wide change," Ismail says. "We can be part of the change that we've been longing for."

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