It is the fishing story of a lifetime. Connor Halsa and his dad were out on Lake of the Woods, the sixth largest freshwater lake in the US, casting for walleye. Soon Connor felt something heavy on his line. Reeling in fast, he found a brown billfold containing $2,000, and a soggy business card they used to track down Jim Denny. He lived 600 miles away in Iowa and had lost his wallet on a fishing retreat a year ago. The resort advanced him the stay on credit but it embarrassed him terribly. Denny came from Iowa to Moorhead, Minnesota to collect the billfold. “To meet people like that, who are that honest, I tried to get them to take the money, and they wouldn’t do it,” Denny told WDAY News. “I would take Connor as a grandson any day, and I would fight for him any day.”

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