In 2014, Trieste Belmont was struggling with depression; she had just gone through a break-up and was grieving her grandmother, who had recently passed away. One day, as she walked home from work, she came to a high bridge. She paused there and contemplated ending her life, as cars passed by. “I was sobbing and crying and working up the courage to just go through with it, because I knew at that moment that it was going to make everyone’s lives better,” she said. But right as she was in one of her darkest moments, a person in a car behind her shouted, “Don’t Jump.” Trieste said about the comment, “Those words changed everything for me. Having a stranger care about me in my darkest time made it so that I didn’t jump, and it saved my life.” Afterwards, she got the support she needed to improve her mental health. She is convinced that small kindnesses can be much more powerful than we realize; she encourages us to speak up in kind ways that may seem insignificant in the moment but could be life-changing for others.

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