Picture this: the bustling city of Medellín, Colombia, once packed wall-to-wall with traffic, is now teeming with lush green corridors. These "green corridors" begun in 2016, have established a network of over 120,000 plants and 12,500 trees -- transforming the city into an urban oasis. Residents like Moisés Castro, a fruit vendor on Oriental Avenue, have noticed both air quality and temperature improvement. Not only do these corridors lower the city's heat by 2C, but they also serve as "green barriers" against air pollution, absorbing substantial amounts of dangerous particulates. The initiative, which sparked from concerns about rising heat and pollution, has brought back wildlife to the city and garnered global attention for its striking results. In the words of former Environment Secretary, Sérgio Orozco, "The reduction in temperature was bigger than we were expecting." Medellín's innovative green corridors are an exciting blueprint for a climate-resilient city of the future.

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