Imagine a world where Black youth with autism have virtual tools to comfortably speak about their mental health. This dream is on its way to becoming a reality, thanks to the trailblazing efforts of Boston College professor, Ed-Dee Williams. Growing up with an autistic brother, Williams has dedicated his life to studying the intersection of race, autism, and mental health. His research sheds light on the dark reality that no study has examined depression among Black autistic youth. Teaming up with SIMmersion, a company known for creating virtual role-playing conversation training, Williams is developing a game-changing program that encourages these youth to voice their emotions and experiences with a virtual special education teacher. Not just feasible, caregivers agree that the program has potential to make a substantial difference. As Williams boldly asserts, "Nothing. Not a single article that specifically examined depression among Black autistic youth." Let's join Williams on this inspirational journey of transforming conversations around mental health.

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