We know their inspiring family story because Clare Runacre, a journalist at BBC Radio 2, shared a small slice of her cancer story on social media. “We didn’t think I’d make our 1st anniversary. Today is our 20th,” she said in a tweet to her husband, Mike Ramsden. “It was a beautiful day. Full of love and tears. Surrounded by our closest friends and family, we put our fears aside and danced til dawn. Even now I can’t look at the photos without feeling that raw emotion. To reach 20 years feels like a miracle.” The couple celebrated their anniversary at her mother’s home, with their original wedding party. Her tweet has been viewed more than three million times, and the thread is flooded with comments. “I didn’t know you had cancer. I have it too. I am in my first year with no evidence of disease,” one person said. “Yours is an inspiring story. Happy anniversary.”

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