After a decade of research and development, Euro Airship has announced plans for the world’s first demonstration of a completely new low-carbon mobility solution that is expected to take off in 2026. Solar Airship One will fly nonstop over 25 countries for 20 days, using solar power and hydrogen. Its upper surface will be covered in 4,800 square meters of solar film to capture sunlight. During the day, the solar panels will run the airship’s electric propulsion systems and store extra power by electrolyzing water into hydrogen, which will run through a fuel cell overnight. The airship will fly over 40,000 km (24,854 miles) in 20 days, piloted by a team of three including former astronaut Michel Tognini, paraplegic pilot Dorine Bourneton, and adventurer Bertrand Piccard. Euro Airship will begin construction of the Solar Airship One in 2024, with final assembly to take place the following year.

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