When Jack Steel’s Lego toy slipped out of his backpack on his morning walk to school, he was heartbroken. “It was quite a special Lego man because I made him,” said Jack, age 10. He had visited the Legoland Discovery Center in Manchester, England, over the summer, and modeled a Lego figure after himself. He named the toy “Mini Jack” and carried it with him wherever he went. “It did look quite a lot like me.” At school one day, he reached into his backpack for Mink Jack and couldn’t find it. Jack was heartbroken; he got to work making a “Missing Person” poster, with an illustration and description of the toy. He even offered a reward, £2 (about $2.50). They hung the poster in the neighborhood and Jack’s mother, Lorna Walker, posted it on Facebook. The poster served its purpose; a girl who used to go to school with Jack found the toy. Then her mother stumbled on Walker’s Facebook post. It was kismet, some might say. Happily, Mini Jack has been safely returned to his rightful owner, Big Jack.

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