Wave goodbye to the sooty diesel fumes of London's double-decker sightseeing buses! In an eco-friendly leap, London tour operator Big Bus Tours is going electric. They've teamed up with UK business Equipmake to retrofit and convert ten of their iconic red buses, swapping out the old diesel engines for a 327 kWh lithium-ion battery. The benefits? Each electric makeover boasts a hefty 200 km range to conquer the daily London routes, and recharges overnight at an on-site depot. Plus, they've crunched the numbers -- each conversion saves a whopping 90 tons of embedded CO2 compared to producing a brand new bus. Equipmake CEO, Ian Foley, is stoked, saying "It's fantastic to work with companies that share a forward-thinking mindset and recognize the immense advantages of repowering". Expect these electric chariots on the London streets from early 2024!

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