A crazy trip across the breathtaking Scottish Highlands is about to begin. Envision a solitary group of 35 individuals striving to survive each day. That is the tale of the Scottish wildcat, the final native wildcat species in the UK, which is in danger of going extinct, but a fierce group of conservationists is stepping up to save it! Nineteen kittens reared in captivity were unleashed into Cairngorms National Park in an exciting attempt to replenish the wildcat population. Each cat had its own GPS, which enabled researchers to compile crucial information about their progress and whereabouts. Project manager Helen Senn is upbeat despite the heavyweight obstacle, adding, "We have seen evidence that the cats are able to hunt and fend for themselves. From that perspective, we're really happy." This is a gritty, real-life drama that is happening in real time, therefore it's not a story for the weak of heart. Watch as the team prepares to unleash 60 wildcats by 2025 and keep an eye out for further action!

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