In displays of unity in the face of conflict, thousands of Arab and Jewish volunteers in Israel are working together to deliver aid to victims and devastated communities. These individuals, defying the narratives of division, strive to support victims and clean up bomb shelters while pacifying tensions within their communities. "About 20% of Israel’s 10 million-strong population identifies as Arab, including the Muslim, Christian and Bedouin communities," The Guardian reports. Standing Together, the largest Arab-Jewish grassroots organization in Israel, continues to encourage solidarity despite the tremendous challenges. Sally Abed, a leader of Standing Together, implores, "We are doing whatever we can to preserve a sense of Israeli-Palestinian solidarity and identifying triggers for incitement and violence before they spiral." Amidst the turmoil, remarkably, strangers offer shelter, food packets, and toys to those displaced. As Abed's colleague Green concludes, "I hope the solidarity we have built between different communities can endure against such a polarizing moment."

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