Experience Halloween in a whole new way through the heartwarming journey of Reese Davis, an 18-year-old with Stage 4 neuroblastoma who boldly declares, "My wheelchair is part of me". With his dad, Lon, as his partner in creativity, the duo took the holiday spirit of dressing up and transformed it into a symbol of inclusivity and accessibility. Their mission started when Reese asked Lon to design a custom wheelchair costume that sparked a change at his preschool, effectively becoming the "icebreaker" that helped other kids see him for who he truly was, beyond his wheelchair. As the years progress and Reese's unique costumes continue to turn heads on social media, this father and son team founded "Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes". Through their non-profit, they have to date crafted 150 tailor-made costumes, specialized for a child's unique needs. Their efforts have fostered a community of understanding, empathy, and, most importantly, friendship. As Reese is about to head off to university on a wheelchair rugby scholarship, the future looks bright and full of potential for this awe-inspiring pair.

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