As AI, generative and otherwise, finds its way into every aspect of organizational life over the next few years, it will fundamentally change organizational life. To prepare, senior leaders of nonprofits should begin to create robust ethical and responsible use policies now. Used carefully and skillfully, AI can save people thousands of hours of rote, time-consuming work a year, freeing them up to do the kinds of things only people can do: solve problems, deepen relationships, and build communities. Approaches like “co-boting,” which involves using AI tools to augment rather than replace human jobs, can bring out the best in both bots and people. Using this incredibly powerful technology ethically is a leadership imperative, and its adoption must be deeply human-centered. Leaders need to develop guidelines and offer training to ensure that everyone understands what AI does, and is careful and thoughtful about its use. This article offers eight steps for creating a framework to do so.

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